Passive income wherever you are 2-3 % in one month and more are possible

The classic passive income is the renting of real estate. Many have a real estate you rent and from the income less tax and deliveries a passive income can be still earned. One must invest relatively a lot of money and one must be on site around with complaints to organise flat decreases. But also there is the possibility this one house management to leave which reduces something then to the incomes of the renting. Another disadvantage is even if you live abroad, even though must pay tax on the profit.

One can earn a passive income really independent of place with this stock exchange trading system. There are many automatic commercial systems, intelligent robots, trading advisors which promise a lot of profits. The biggest part working only a few months. Also the homepages of the suppliers is online for this time. Either one must pay a performance fee of 30-40%, or one has a unique acquisition of 100$ a month and more. However, the acquisition is not the problem, but one needs to try out a lot of time (equipment of the robot and observation) at least around some. But one must try out the systems himself and many are successful only in the demo mode.

On our free platform we put together only successful, checked and many profitable systems together in a portfolio. Or you can copy the portfolio from a successfully trader. Have a look how he can earn 89 % in 6 months.

First your can observe the performance in past and during the demonstration mode in the future. There is no contract agreement therefore also no notice and no running costs.

If you sure, this is the right strategy that you „earn money while you sleeping“.

Here from 2500 $ one can put on his money and shop the computer or the intelligent application and buy/sell automatically. Any time you have the control of your capital and the performance. You can have a look at your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


How do the robots on dubips work for you?


Performance in the past:


Start your enginges !


* If one has earned money in the past with the system, the likelyhood is high that it also applies in future.

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